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GFP-550 Fiber Polisher

Overall Dimension: 230x230x255mm
   Disc Diameter: 129mm
   Weight Gross: 24KG
   Power: AC100~240V, 50/60HZ, 2A Fuse

1.  Pressure controled by clamps on the four coners with coil spring, working stably and reliably.
2.  Angled operator pannel is more coveniently for worker observing annd setting the polish procedure.
3.  All running materials of polisher has been done heat treatment process to ensure working reliably.
4.  All types polish fixture of GFP550 has been done heat treatment process, and made with high accuracy and long service life.
5.  The motor installed on GFP550 is Orientalmotor, The Orientalmotor is qualified and acceptable by customer with a good quality product.
6.  Polisher connector capability and volume produce: SC-UPC, SC-APC, FC-UPC, FC-APC, LC-UPC, LC-APC, MU-UPC, ST-UPC, E2000TM
E2000TM -APC, MT-RJ, MT, Angled MT, SMA, 1.25mm ferrule connector Max volume 48pcs, 2.5mm ferrule connector Max volume 40pcs.

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